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October 17, 2014

DesignerData 1.0 Is Certified

as Powered by SAP HANA®

DesignerData 1.0 leverages the SAP HANA® platform to help clinical interoperability by aggregating health information residing in silos scattered among different databases about the burden of obesity and cardiovascular health. It provides relevant details on demand with cutting-edge customized interactive visualizations to deal with dis-organized healthcare data that can be integrated into care.

Santa Clara, California — Oct. 17, 2014 — Tapasvi Clin-MolBio Solutions Inc. today announced that its DesignerData 1.0 has achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP HANA® platform. The solution has been proven to run on SAP HANA and to leverage its unique capabilities.

The SAP® Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) has certified that DesignerData version 1.0 is powered by SAP HANA. SAP HANA is revolutionizing the speed of data processing for reporting, analytics and computational tasks. Solutions that are powered by the SAP HANA platform have proven to run on SAP HANA and to tap into the distinctive capabilities of SAP HANA.

“We are delighted to announce the successful achievement our DesignerData 1.0, now certified as powered by SAP HANA,” said Madhuri Gandikota, founder and CEO at Tapasvi Clin-MolBio Solutions Inc. “The ability of DesignerData 1.0 to leverage the power of SAP HANA will prove highly beneficial to our current and future customers.”

DesignerData 1.0 is an in-memory relational database application solution about obesity and heart health. It provides data integrity and security with scalable and incremental algorithms to authorized healthcare users for decision making with potential for real-time analytics. DesignerData 1.0 can be deployed on premise or on cloud.

When running on SAP HANA, DesignerData 1.0 helps companies with clinical interoperability by aggregating health information residing in silos scattered among different databases about obesity, blood pressure status, cholesterol and diabetic markers, smoking status, aspirin use, co-morbid health conditions such as heart attack, stroke, angina, coronary heart diseases and heart failure. DesignerData 1.0 uses the SAP HANA extended application services component to understand cardiovascular health disparities related to race-ethnicity, age, socioeconomic levels, smoking status and co-morbid health conditions. DesignerData 1.0 serves as an aid in detection, proactive prevention, disease management and quality control for cardiovascular diseases.

DesignerData 1.0 uses SAP HANA to perform clinical data analytics that enables patients, providers, payers and policymakers to interactively learn and understand the burden of obesity and related conditions per evidence-based medicine guidelines. DesignerData also supports SAP HANA extended application services, which allow users to Tapasvi Clin-MolBio Solutions Inc product is certified as powered by SAP HANA® Page 2 elegantly explore, abstract, drill down, filter and access the SAP HANA database using HTTP without the need for an additional external application server.

DesignerData 1.0 leverages the unique capabilities of SAP HANA with patented pre-built analytic models and clinical decision rules about obesity and related cardiovascular conditions to enable state-of-the-art secure IT systems and applications. With the power of SAP HANA, companies can gain fast communication, parallel processing for efficient data retrieval, efficient query retrieval facilitated by columnar storage, robust data compression methods, calculation of aggregates of large amounts of data on the fly, high performance, and support of a framework of text and predictive analytics. Further, SAP HANA extended application services provide a lightweight, comprehensive set of services for end-to-end support for web-based applications for dynamic interactive visualizations.

About Tapasvi Clin-MolBio Solutions Inc. Tapasvi Clin-MolBio Solutions Inc. empowers healthcare stakeholders to translate healthcare data into clinically meaningful solutions per evidence-based medicine guidelines. Our customers – hospitals, physicians, policymakers, payors, patients, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacists – can depend on our time-tested observational research methodology standards to derive meaning from massive volumes of structured and unstructured health data.

Our solutions aim to empower customers with healthcare data analytics, interactive visualizations for meaningful insights, improved clinical processes, resource planning, quality initiatives, identification of at-risk population and information dissemination.

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