Madhuri Gandikota, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

Madhuri obtained a Ph.D from University of Hyderabad, and Scripps Research Institute.Her post-doc stints were from Cornell University and Max Planck Institute. She is a recipient of several prestigious funding opportunities such as Department of Atomic Energy, Rockefeller Foundation and Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Madhuri has work experience in basic, Pre-clinical, Clinical Research. She is trained at UCSF and Harvard Global Health as a Epidemiologist Global Health and Biostatistics. She sees tremendous value to generate insights from health data in care delivery at the intersection of public health and clinical medicine. She sensed the potential of using the concepts of observational research to develop solutions/tools to improve health outcomes. Later Tapasvi has expanded its services to Revenue cycle management and Private medical practice support.

Medical Billing Team:

Tapasvi is a member of nationally recognized billing and coding professionals who processes hundreds of insurance and Medicare claims for medical practices every day. She is also a member of MRMA (Medical Revenue Management Association).

In addition, our in-house team include 40 billing professionals, of which 8 are American Association of Professional Coders who are dedicated to meet the RCM needs of practice/provider.

Our staff includes certified specialists from AAPC, AHIMA and CPMB with more than 10 years of experience in US health care. Insurances we worked include Medicaid, Medicare, Humana, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Auto insurance companies.

Clinical Specialties:

Radiology, Internal medicine, Urology, Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine. Family Medicine, Pain Management, Orthopedics, Orthopedic surgery, Pulmonology, Foot, and Hand Surgery, Skilled Nursing Facility, Chronic Care Management.

Our Medical Coding Team include:

We have a team of billing professionals, American Association of Professional Coders who are dedicated to meet the RCM needs of practice/provider. Our sample certifications are:

  • Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) through governing body AHIMA
  • Certified Coding Specialist ‐Physician (CCS‐P) through governing body AHIMA
  • Certified Professional Coder ‐(CPC) through governing body AAPC
  • Certified Professional Coder ‐Hospital (CPC‐H) through governing body AAPC

Software Development Team:

Tapasvi’s team developed a solution called DesignerData which helps in stratification of people with multiple chronic conditions.   Given the burden of Chronic diseases Tapasvi’s passion is to help this sub-set of population.

Tapasvi software team has several recognitions for this solution : Best Native HANA Application Award by SAP, SAP-Co-innovation labs, Presenter in Health- DataPalooza, Tech Connect 2015. In addition, Tapasvi garnered testimonials form Global Harvard School of Public Health. Finally, Tapasvi has been chosen as Top 10 Clinical Data Service providers in 2017.

Tapasvi’s team has diverse experience in enterprise systems design, data management and architecture.

a. Server Support (AIX, Linux & Solaris):*Core expertise is in strategizing, implementing advanced power virtualization, building data centers, migrations, determine configurations for performance to deploy on IBM/AIX, SUN/Solaris and Storage Area Network (SAN).

Managing Clusters, Power HA, Power VM, AIX Infrastructure & SUSE Linux. Engineering solutions, Performance analysis, capacity analysis, Major migrations & upgrades, RCA’s, bug tracking, Organizational HIPAA Compliance, Security Communication and Training, Protected Health Information(PHI), e-PHI, Privacy, Security, Audit, Breach Notification, and Enforcement.

b. Clinical Data Management:*Clinical data analysis and management of large data sets. Translate the decision rules into computational models in HANA, Oracle, SQL. Define the information models & reporting layouts. This involves, design & creation of views, managing attribute mapping, activating impacted objects, validating information models, managing modeling content, creating schemas, manage schema mapping, setting up the information modeler, displaying audit trails of information models and configuring data services for metadata import.

c. Statistical data analysis: *Retrospective analysis. Predictive modelling.  Expertise in Regression Techniques

d. User Interface & Web Portal Development:*Web application developers focused on Architecture, technical Design, Development and unit testing of client/server and mobile architecture systems.

The team has relevant external Certifications and delivered several webbased applicaitons/portals. They are adept at defining web based access to data –, developing in HTML 5, CSS 3, DOM, server-side-JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, JSON, building User Interface.