We harness clinical knowledge from health data per Evidence Based Medicine guidelines and Observational Research to improve Patient Health Outcomes. Tapasvi differentiates itself in its products and analytics to design solutions that present complex clinical information into actionable insights. Our representative clients include providers, payers, federal agencies, public health, clinicians and patients.


Transformational opportunities are presented today due to democratization of health data. This is coupled with human creativity, software tools and cheap memory has expanded opportunities for many players in healthcare. Health policymakers, researchers, and clinicians alike have contributed to the health guidelines. Tapasvi aims to leverage the open data opportunities further to increase awareness and accountability to improve outcomes for all the stake holders in healthcare. Innovative partnerships and collaborations with complementary skills are the first critical step to improve the burden of many health conditions including chronic diseases. We envision to improve the quality of life with innovative data driven solutions.


Gathering evidence from data is economical & practical. It overcomes the issues of patient selection, faster, allowing us to examine a broad range of outcomes.


Innovation is the driving force and the core of our work. Great ideas have potential to transform lives. We design to deliver data driven solutions.

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